platform 1

Platform 1 is a new and unique men's health and crisis charity working with men that have lived in isolation due to their illness.  The charity is growing rapidly due to its central location and its ability to engage with men that have, for whatever reason have refused to engage with other services on offer. 

What we offer

We offer a package to men where they can choose their own recovery at their own pace in a safe and non judgemental environment.  Along with the many projects on offer such as joinery, gardening, upholstery, up-cycling, bike maintenance, there is also other help available to our members

Meet the Team


Bob Morse - Project Manager


I believe that my life experiences have formatted my thoughts and opinions and that the combination of all my learning and experiences have led me to Platform 1

In paid employment since 1966, much of my early previous employment was based around Financial Services. At times my mental and physical health gave me challenges. These factors did, however, provide great learning opportunities and also, helped direct my career changes. I worked in the energy sector as a manager until further health issues led me to move onto less stressful work (joke)

So, then I worked extensively with children including children with disabilities and special needs. I was enticed to work with challenging individuals with behaviour issues (less stressful)

Then I was encouraged into Playwork which led to me being involved in management, training and assessment. My education progressed and I obtained a couple of degrees in Playwork and a first in Leadership and Management. (immature student)

After, I retired I developed further mental health issues and suffered from my own self- medication. My journey through recovery led me to become a recovery champion, peer support volunteer and group leader. I became an addiction counsellor.

My personal history has allowed me to achieve many more skills that direct my attitude to work and life, skills that are useful particularly, when things go wrong. I use these skills every day!

I am no longer retired.


Wayne - IT Officer


I have worked previously all around the country, as a General Manager and then as Technical Trainer and Technical Content developer. 

I joined Platform 1 in 2018 and it has been a Journey for myself and also helping the guys. Not just with the IT but pyrography and other arty stuff.

It puts a smile on your face when a simple act can help someone out. That’s us at Platform 1 virtually every day.

I like playing the Guitar, Whittling and exploring the Yorkshire countryside with my dog. Oh I keep snakes as well. 


Gabrielle Hurt - Project Fundraiser

Having spent 15 years working within sales and marketing, moving into the third sector in 2006 was a breath of fresh  air.

As project fundraiser I feel that my cumulative skills will be used to help facilitate the growth and income generation for Platform 1.

I am passionate about making a difference for our members and this gives me the motivation to strive to achieve all I can.

I am married, blessed to have a son and daughter. I live in the beautiful Holme Valley. My passions include fell walking, music and fine coffee. I am a volunteer walk leader in my spare time.


Gez Walsh - Project Leader

I have had a varied career, working in joinery, mental health and education. I decided to retire in 2016, but there has been no sign of this happening as yet?

I now spend my days sat in a cabin talking to lots of people while wearing shorts and trying to avoid admin! But not necessarily in that order.


Justin Boofer - Admin

  I am Responsible for many clerical and admin tasks at Platform 1.

I love games of all kinds and regularly uses them as a way to engage people in discussions.

I grew up in rural Norfolk, I have a degree in Games Design, and I worked in retail for over a decade but I hope to make a difference in the member’s lives.


Bridget Fahy- Pastoral Support

 I joined the Platform 1 team in April 2019 as a volunteer and have recently taken on the role of Pastoral Support Lead. I previously worked in a primary school for six years and have supported family members through mental health difficulties for the last 13 years.

I am currently training as a Counsellor and will qualify this summer. I support clients with addiction in Dewsbury every week and am in the middle of training as a bereavement counsellor too.

My role at Platform 1 is not just about supporting our guys but also to build in them the resilience and confidence they need to find their own solutions to difficulties.

I like to sew and knit and have 2 cats, 2 dogs and 3 Bearded Dragons.