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We are starting the next phase of our journey at Platform 1.   And you can help out in Supporting Our Site. (S.O.S).  

Your support today means that we continue to keep our doors open, supporting men from all walks of life on their journey.  Your support can help to pay for activities & pastoral support. 


If you shop on Amazon.  Please select Platform 1 as your charity.   THERE is no cost to you.  Amazon Donates for the Charity 

Help in other ways

lf you would like to donate in other ways with our Capital Appeal please contact us.

We love visitors, so feel free to visit us.




Other ways you can help.

  • With your time and skills
  • Business Skills, electrical, plumbing, building etc.
  • With building supplies
  • Tea and Coffee.   
  • Anything you can support with.