open mind

Tuesday morning Group Session


A group open to all - 90 minutes to talk and to listen to what makes us tick as individuals and as people who share the same World. 

We talk about a wide range of issues that matter to members of the Group but also share enthusiasm and interests which may be new to us.

Recent sessions


Mental and Physical Health

Making changes in your life

Music we like

Better Relationships

What makes us laugh

Social Media and the Internet

Shaping the Future

Dealing with Anxiety

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The Group is based on the idea that we have more in common than what divides us.

If you would like to join in, feel free to try it on a Tuesday Morning. 

Come with an open mind 

Platform 1

Open Mind - Ground Rules


Confidentiality - ‘Whatever people say - it stays in the room.’  

(If the group facilitators feel that someone is in danger or at risk of harm, they may consider over-riding this rule in order to support and help a group member.)

Choosing to Contribute - You can always ‘PASS’.

Listening to Other People - Try to avoid speaking ‘over’ other people.

Respect other People’s Ideas and Opinions- You may challenge them but respect other people’s points of view. The Facilitator may ask someone to leave the Group if they don’t respect these Ground Rules.

Phones OFF (or on silent) - Preferably OFF. Try it!

Members of the Group will do their best to arrive before 10am.

Cut-off time is 10.00 for joining the Group - unless previously arranged.

There will be a 10 minute break around 10.45.