Platform 1

Counselling Services

Our mental health counselling services include, but are not limited to:
Trauma and PTSD
Depression and Anxiety

Counselling Services

Support Services


Platform 1 recognises that many things can contribute to causing your mental health to deteriorate. Some of these things can be the practical things in life. When you are at your lowest point it is difficult to sort out things such as paying bills or making phone calls.

Our welfare service will help people to fill in forms, sort housing and benefit issues, make doctors appointments and if needed act as an advocate when the person needs to attend a meeting. This service is open to all the people that use our service.

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The government recently announced their plans to create parity between the health and mental health services. We have been trying to address this issue for quite a while. If you have a physical health problem there are doctors in most neighbourhood where you can seek the help you need, if you have a mental health problem there are usually only one outlet per town if you are lucky.

In response to this we have arranged to use community spaces in different districts where we can hold surgery type help whether it be for mental health issues or practical benefit and housing issues. We are hoping to eventually have a space in all districts.

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Support Groups

Our support doesn’t finish when the counselling ends, we have a multitude of support groups all delivered from our, ‘Training Trains’ which are situated in Huddersfield railway station. These groups are often peer led but with the addition of having qualified staff on site just as extra support.

  • Prostate Cancer Support
  • Menopause Support
  • Sexual Abuse Support
  • Domestic Violence Support

We also have therapy groups such as Creative writing, music therapy along and games mornings.

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