Support Groups

Additional Support

Platform 1 is a unique mental health charity which aims to help people with their mental health through total support. Whether this is to be through counselling or with more practical measures such as help with housing or finance issues.

We have known for quite some time that with the in-depth help and support that people receive with our service they feel more able to start to rebuild their lives, but many still feel they need a little extra help as they move on. This is why we have formulated a series of support groups and courses which are designed to help people develop new skills or get support in a group environment, some of which will be a follow on from our counselling.

Most of the groups will be light hearted and informative while others will be specific support groups which will deal with specific issues. These will be led by qualified counsellors.

All these groups will be offered free of charge for people wishing to attend them.

These are the support groups and courses that are currently available. If you would like to join one of these groups please fill in the forms attached or phone us on 01484 421143. We shall be adding more courses and support groups to this list, so please keep checking in to see if there is any you would like to join.


Prostate Cancer Support

This group is there for men who are suffering from issues with their prostate. The group offers peer support but we do have visits from surgeons and nurses to answer any questions that may be of a worry.

But don’t think this is all doom and gloom there is lots of laughter and lots of friendships formed.

    Breast Cancer Support

    Like the Prostate cancer support this group offers support to each other while telling of their experiences and explaining the different approaches to treating cancer. The group will support and inform each other on how to deal with the practicalities and worries of having cancer.

      Menopause Support

      There has been a great need for a group which recognises the symptoms and issues around the menopause for a long time. This is an issue that is often made light of but it can be totally debilitating to many women as they go through what used to be commonly known as the change,

      The group will discuss where and how to get help for symptoms but also will give you access to professionals who can offer you information of the best treatments for this issue.

        Sexual Violence Support

        Along with the domestic violence support group this will be as a follow on for people that have already received counselling from our services and need to discuss residual emotions and how to move on with their lives after such terrible ordeals. The groups will have a qualified counsellor on hand but the group will be encouraged to lead the talking themselves as they try to deal with the issue.

          Domestic Violence Support

          This group will be led by a qualified counsellor who will be on hand to help with this difficult subject. There will be a male and female group as this issue, sadly, affects the whole of society.


            P1 Gaming

            Spend a morning in online combat or try a darts tournament, why not test your skills as a chess master? All these games and more are on offer at the PI games morning. Book on now to be part of our new gaming group.

              CV Writing

              Looking for a new job/career? You might be surprised just how to do a job you didn’t know you had the experience for.

              CV writing is about telling a new prospective employer all about you and your life, you will learn the best way to tell just how highly employable you are.

                British Sign Language

                Our ability to communicate is what has set humans apart as a species, we have the ability to pass on knowledge and emotions just simply by sitting and talking, But what if you can’t hear what has been said?

                Learn how to communicate non verbally, learn to talk without talking. British sign language courses will give you the tools to help you to talk to others using your hands. Why not learn a new language?

                  Open Mind

                  Thursday Morning Group Session

                  A group open to all – 90 minutes to talk and to listen to what makes us tick as individuals and as people who share the same World.

                  It is a safe and confidential group.

                  We talk about a wide range of issues that matter to members of the Group but also share enthusiasm and interests which may be new to us.

                  Previous sessions have looked at:

                  Mental and Physical Health
                  Making changes in your life
                  Music we like
                  Better Relationships
                  What makes us laugh
                  Social Media and the Internet
                  Shaping the Future
                  Dealing with Anxiety

                  The Group is based on the idea that we have more in common than what divides us.

                  If you would like to join in, feel free to try it on a Thursday Morning 10am – 12noon.

                  Come with an open mind…

                    Basic Joinery

                    Why not join in our new basic joinery course and learn how to not only to do basic DIY but also build a few pieces of furniture?

                    The course will show you:

                    • How to use basic joinery tools
                    • Learn to replace a door lock, ease a door.
                    • Shelf fitting
                    • Build garden furniture such as planters or bird boxes.

                      Basic Bike Maintenance

                      This is led by qualified bike mechanics who will show you how to replace a chain or fix a puncture. How to adjust your handle bars or seats. We have the bikes to work on but why not bring your own?

                        Creative Writing
                        creative writing

                        Write On…

                        A safe and confidential session about ‘putting it down on paper’…

                        Ideas, emotions, stories, messages, poems, nonsense, scripts – basically anything that is bubbling inside your imagination.

                        These sessions are about helping you find your voice.

                        We will work together to explore what you want to say and the best way to say it.

                        Why not try it?

                        Thursday afternoons 2-4pm

                          Grow and Grow!

                          Could you turn this…

                          Platform 1 Garden

                          Into this…

                          The beneficial effects of spending time in the garden have been well documented over the years. The peace and tranquillity help people to think and grow both the plants but also grow as an individual. But what about having a go at gardening in a busy train station with train arriving and departing every few minutes?